How to Stop Emotional Eating

How to Stop Emotional Eating

What is Emotional Eating

This site is intended as a companion or follow up to my book How to Heal Food Addiction  (formerly known as Why You Suck at Weight Loss).  Following is an excerpt from  the preface of the book, which explains heal the root causes of the cravings that lead to constant hunger pains and food addiction.  For that matter, these principals apply to all addiction and compulsive, addictive behaviors.

This is not your typical weight loss book.  It addresses the root causes of why many people can’t lose weight or to be able to keep it off.  This is more a book about healing and transformation. What do meditation and yogic breath practices have to do with weight loss or food addiction?  Simply, that the reason I struggled with weight loss, as do many other people, is there was a gnawing inner tension that creates what I call False Hunger Pains.  It is often located in the area of the solar plexus, which is where where much of our emotional baggage is stored.  I used food or substance to relieve that tension.

Overcome Compulsive, Emotional Overeating

I didn’t know at the time that’s what I was doing, but it was.  So then why you may also struggle with weight loss, is because there is an internal tension caused by unconscious emotions that you are trying to quell or medicate with food or substance.  Relieve the tension and the emotional issues behind them and you will reduce or eliminate your compulsiveness around food.  Understand?

So while this is not your typical weight loss or diet book, it does address the root cause of why so many people can never seem to lose weight or keep it off.  And isn’t it the final results that really matters?  Of course, what I just stated applies to every type of addiction and obsessive compulsive disorder This is no small thing.  We’re talking about healing and transforming on the deepest levels.

Food addiction & binging are forms of emotional eating

This book begins with the premise that food addiction, binging, over eating and the resulting obesity all have something in common.  They are all versions of emotional eating in one form or another.  And if the addiction or obsessive or compulsive behavior is something other than food, that too has an emotional root cause.  These are all conditions of what Buddhism or Tibetan Medicine calls the Spiritual Heart.

Healing emotions with yogic breath practice

The book: Spiritual Weight Loss describes a type of healing breath practice.  It suggests using a timer to make it easier than having to count, especially, as you are able to retain your breath for longer periods of time.  Below is an Ebay banner, where I have provided a particular model of timer that serves well for this purpose.  Many times you would find, only have minutes and hours.  You want one that counts seconds.  The one provided below also allows you to repeat.  So  you don’t have to reenter each time.  This is exactly what you want for the breath practice, though you do not have to have a time.  You can count.  It’s up to you.  Eventually, if your mind is so still that you can do the practice without need for a timer, all the better.  But at the early stages, you may need all the help you can get.

If you’re like I was, then you might say, even if unconsciously, that you would rather not address the emotional aspect of why you can’t lose weight or overcome some other addiction.  You might prefer to look for the superficial solution.  It’s a bit like putting a Band-Aid on shrapnel wound, rather than first removing the shrapnel.  If it works for you, then do it.  But it never did work for me.  I found that as I healed and transformed myself on very deep levels, then that’s when I noticed I was getting some control over the compulsiveness I had struggled with all my life.

So this is not a diet book per se, it’s a book about helping you to heal the emotions that cause the compulsiveness that causes you to overeat and never be able to stick to a diet.  Is that you?  It sure was me.  I knew what to do, but there I would be, drinking beer and eating chips, knowing they would make me fat!  I just got use to being somewhat fat.

As my self image began to change, I would feel my lean body underneath the layer of flab and then all that padding outside and I wondered how I could have been living with all that flab.  I hated it!  It’s like I hadn’t been able to get real with myself and kept doing the things that kept me fat.  Every overweight person does or they wouldn’t be that way, excluding where there is a medical root cause, instead of an emotional one.

I had been faced with some rather severe health challenges many years ago, which had taken me out of my careers and pretty much put me on my back.  So I was forced to find answers and do whatever it took or kill myself.  It was really down to that.  However, I didn’t want to give up and also; I believe the difficult karma won’t go away just because one chooses to temporarily escape from it.   This is what lead me to discover the hidden or esoteric secrets I’m sharing with you in this book.

Unraveling the Emotional Pain Body that drives Emotional Overeating

So getting control of my compulsiveness around food resulted as a side benefit from the very things that were also most helpful to me in transforming the Spiritual Heart or you could say, healing or unraveling my Emotional Pain Body that Eckhart Tolle speaks about.

For me, I am only interested in the truth or root cause of things, not superficiality.  Again, if superficial works for you, then do that, if you prefer.  However, the reality is that addictions, eating disorders and weight gain are more complex and challenging then it might seem.  Yes, fairly simple to give someone instructions on how to lose weight and stay lean, but then why don’t they?

And so this book is about giving you a path to accessing and transcending the root cause of your addictive behavior.  And it just so happens that the teachings and practices revealed in the book can result in many other mental, physical and spiritual benefits.

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Upcoming Sterling, Logan County events — Oct. 30

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Cineaste365 (January 18, 2014 – DAY 099) – “Samson & Delilah” – Warwick Thornton
how to treat food addiction

Image by kndynt2099
Cineaste365 (January 18, 2014 – DAY 099) – As I observe “Samson &amp Delilah”, I can not assist but really feel respect towards filmmaker Warwick Thornton. For taking on anything that other individuals might consider as taboo or anything that men and women understands that transpires in Australian society but confronting these concerns in his film and probably realize that racial insensitivity really does hurt men and women.

But what I appreciated about this movie is that the Warwick Thornton stuck to his guns. With a low-price range, being aware of he had to make use of unknown talent and concentrate on utilizing the majority of the manufacturing price range to film by means of 35 mm.

But it’s the patience that he had with functioning with Aboriginal teens, Rowan McNamara and Marissa Gibson and possessing the patience and the believe in in them to be his major talents and acquiring the ideal of them on camera.

What’s exciting about the movie is that each characters, Samson &amp Delilah do not communicate to every single other all through the movie. We see Delilah speaking in English to her grandmother and other folks but most frequently the communication by the two teenagers are by facial expressions and hand movements.

The two youngsters are witnessed happy earlier in the film, may possibly it be Samson goofing around and providing off a cheeky laugh or Delilah frequently in conversation with her grandmother or just chilling while listening to an audio cassette to chill out, it’s the unfortunate actuality when both depart their local community and understand that there is not significantly out there for them amongst the Australian folks.

And the shocking thing about the complete circumstance is that even though Delilah is the smarter of the two, however bad things happen to her and most of the time, Samson is too higher to even recognize that she is missing until finally it’s as well late.

Whilst the movie spotlights on the troubles that exist for these two Aboriginal teens, it’s critical to note that I do not live in Australia, nor do I know if what is depicted on the film occurs frequently in Australia but here in the U.S. we know racial profiling does occur. People who are judged to be thugs or are bad could be treated badly by retailer owners and it is something we read usually in the U.S. and unfortunately, as we have observed in the information with profitable Black entertainers or typical individuals who are judged by their skin colour in spite of having the money to buy an item.

And as Delilah tries to make funds by promoting her art to anyone who will at least give her a consider, no difference in America as I see people who come up to me to ask if i can purchase foods they made for funds. But I believe the most significant variation is seeing the faces of people when Delilah does strategy them, they appear at her like a parasite and the waitresses want her out of the dining regions. Would people who have been white that experimented with to peddle art to those consuming outdoors a restaurant will be looked at with disdain? Or was Delilah handled differently simply because she was Aboriginal?

But there is a lot far more to this story as nicely. About two youngsters who rely on each and every other because they have nothing at all. Nowhere to contact property. Nowhere to live. Nowhere to perform. They are not accepted by their own folks, while the others in Australia want absolutely nothing to do with them.

And to see how Warwick Thornton is able to generate an enlightening journey in between the two folks, the efficacy of the movie is since Warwick Thornton was capable to believe in his two cast members, to perform with his cast members and understanding that the two his leads have no expertise but also they needed his course. Each Rowan McNamara and Marissa Gibson have no formal acting education but they manufactured their characters seem believable. Also, thanks to Warwick Thornton’s belief in his actors, his crew and his story and determining to shoot in 35mm above digital, created a massive variation.

Total, “Samson &amp Delilah” is a movie about two folks from the Aboriginal neighborhood who try out to survive between the Australian people, but find out swiftly that their troubles in the neighborhood are even worse outdoors it. The film will no doubt strike a chord to viewers from other nations as racism, poverty and addiction can exist anywhere. But it is how 1 offers with these obstacles, no matter how cruel life may possibly seem to be.

Warwick Thornton’s “Samson &amp Delilah” is recommended!